How We Work

Working with the team at Machine & Tool Co Ltd   (  i.e. MATCO )  will provide our business partners with a level of faith that their interests and desired outcomes are all that matters. At any one time we hold in stock a range of machines as can be seen in “New Stock”  or Used Stock ” pages. If we do not have the machine that you are looking for in our inventory we incorporate the following 5 step plan to assist our various overseas colleagues to locate the  most appropriate machine for the job and within defined budget guidelines.


Extract a detailed overview of our Customer requirements including likely machine requirements / application / budget and time frames.


If we do not have the machine in New Zealand,  MATCO moves quickly to relay all details to our experienced agents/colleagues  across the western globe to allow them the most amount of time available to assist in the procuring of the listed machines.


Present short list of available machines to our Customer  for their consideration.  If a suitable machine is  selected and agreed upon,  then a   binding purchase agreement is made between parties.

A cash deposit is required from the Customer, balance of purchase payment plus GST is required at the time of arrival to NZ  destination port


MATCO work with our highly experienced globally resourced freight forwarding partners to inspect / clean to MAF Biosecurity standards / transport and quarantine every machine, ensuring a smooth and fast transition time through the docking process.


Delivery of Machine to nearest shipping port to our Customer,  or directly to our client site.

All of these steps will be coordinated in a professional and respectful manner with our clients requirements front of mind at all times.

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