Drilling Rig Carriers

We have supplied new and used Morookas to a wide variety of customers and respective applications, including:

  • site development contractors
  • soil stabilisation contractors
  • agricultural bulk harvesting
  • nurseries
  • power line companies
  • clearing contractors
  • fertiliser spreaders
  • exploratory drillers
  • Geo-Tech exploration companies

These Marooka Hitachi Komatsu products  are used in a wide range of applications and are particularly suited to environmentally sensitive areas.

They will accommodate a variety of attachments such as:

  • drill rigs
  • concrete/cement mixers
  • pipeline welders
  • fire fighting equipment
  • specialty dump bodies
  • manlifts
  • scissor lifts
  • seismic testing equipment
  • exploration tools
  • air compressors
  • water tanks
  • personnel carriers

The uses are unlimited

  supplier of quality used Morooka Hitachi Rubber Tracked Carriers

Morooka is the largest manufacturer of rubber tracked carriers on the planet. These crawler carriers are designed specifically for off road use.

In a correct jobsite application, they are a high production and highly maneuverable machine.

The machine consists of a hydrostatic transmission (HST) operating system, and specially developed rubber tracks for traversing awkward or unstable terrain.

Morooka carriers are well-made products that can handle most types of job requirements.

The HST system allows for economical use of the engine’s full power and for optimum traction.

In addition there is enlarged gear pump which supplies charge oil to the main transmission pumps and this supplies power of other attachments (such as its standard equipment rear tipping / dump body)

All steering manoeuvres can be executed with either single lever ‘T-bar’ control, or a twin lever single hand operated control

Marroka’s rubber tracks combine the characteristics of a tyre-equipped carrier – such as smooth ride and speed – while providing the traction and stability of a steel caterpillar type track.

These rubber tracks offer low ground pressure performance, excellent traction and combined with the floating bogie wheel roller undercarriage it make any terrain accessible

The MST series dump carriers range from 4.5 t to 15.0 tonnes carry capacity.